Engelbert Fuentes
Englebert Fuentes – MRI Technologist – Jackson Memorial Hospital
“After finishing my RT program, I heard from a coworker who took the MRI program at Med Academy and greatly recommended the program. I had an interview with the president of the school, Mr. Juan Revuelta, who gave me a very detailed and complete explanation of the program. Two weeks later I started my MRI classes. It was a totally new experience with a very dedicated and experimented staff, especially Mr. Revuelta who was also my professor in the program. The classes were very detailed and easy to learn. The placement for the clinical internship was very easy to accommodate with an extensive variety of hospitals and diagnostic centers ready to assist. After 9 months in the program I graduated and Mr. Revuelta provide us with a complete review and study guide for the board exams. After passing the test I was ready to go!!!!!. The employment assistance to find a job in the field was awesome and finally I found a job at JMH where I’ve been an MRI tech for 8 years. I truly recommend Med Academy for everyone interested in the field. Thank you Mr. Revuelta for your dedication and expertise!!!!!!”

Yosbel Perez
Yosbel Perez R.T (R)(CT)(MR), ARRT – Baptist Health System – CT Technologist
“My personal experience at Med Academy was excellent. I completed the CT program in April 2015 and got certified in November 2015. The classes and instructional material were excellent, and they helped me a lot to understand such complex techniques. The clinical externship was also of a very high quality and provide me with the opportunity to learn on a one to one basis. The board preparation for the exam was outstanding. I am currently working for Baptist Health System and with that said, job placement was very helpful because the school has very good reputation and relationship with most of the employers of the area. I would definitely recommend Med Academy as an educational institution.”

Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez – MRI Shift Technologist – Hialeah Hospital
“I have known Med Academy since its beginning. I am very proud to say that I have worked as Med Academy Clinical Instructor for several years. Med Academy offers the highest level of education to its students, the faculty expertise in diagnostic medical imaging is outstanding. We have trained over 20 Med Academy students at our hospital, and in several occasions we have decide to hire the graduate students because of their high quality of preparation and clinical training. I strongly recommend Med Academy as an educational institution to all of those that want to succeed as Diagnostic Medical Imaging Professionals.”

Kenia Ramos
Kenia Ramos – MRI Lead Technologist – Lakes Radiology
“Choosing Med Academy as an educational institution was one of the best choices I have ever made. The MRI program offered by Med Academy is the best program I have ever taken. Med Academy provides the students with exceptional educational programs and hands on training to succeed in their careers. Thanks to the wonderful program offered by Med Academy, I successfully pass the MRI Board and now I am working as a MRI Technologist at Lakes Radiology.”
Randy Cutino 1
Randy Cutino – Mount Sinai Hospital
“My name is Randy Cutino. I graduated from Med Academy in March 2016. My experience at Med Academy was excellent. The classes have all the necessary tools and materials to prepare you well for the board examination. The clinical training was outstanding. After I graduated and completed my internship hours they guided me to a well fitted job. I am currently employed by Mount Sinai Hospital. In my general opinion Med Academy is a school that I would recommend to others.”

Yamir Portelles
Yamir Portelles – MRI/CT Technologist – Lakes Radiology
“I graduated from Med Academy in 2014. I took the MRI and CT programs at this institution. I strongly recommend Med Academy as the best educational institution on the field of Diagnostic Medical Imaging. The level of professionalism of the faculty and supporting services is outstanding. The clinical experience and board preparation were of exceptional quality. The school assist me with job placement and as result I am now working as MRI/CT Technologist at Lakes Radiology.”

Isis Curbelo
Isis Curbelo – Unlimited Diagnostics – MRI Technologist
“The education I received at Med Academy changed my life in a very positive way. The MRI Program offered by Med Academy was very complete. The program objective is not only about obtaining a degree or passing a certification, it is to provide the student with the knowledge and experience required to resolve day to day situations for suitable patient care. Today, I feel secure in my knowledge thanks to the well balanced theoretical instructions and clinical experience. The flexibility of the schedule allowed me to administer my time during the program duration. I consider that the organization, professionalism, and excellent education made a big difference in my education. Before I completed the program, I was hired by Unlimited Diagnostics Center, the same clinical site where I was assigned to complete my clinical externship.”

Anay Jover
Anay Jover – Miami Open MRI – MRI Technologist
 “Med Academy has been the best educational experience of my entire life. The quality of the education is extremely high. The school prepared me to become a successful professional in the health care industry. Their method of education really prepared me to learn this complex diagnostic technique. Med Academy’s professionalism helped me succeed in this field. I have worked for Miami Open MRI for almost two years thanks to Med Academy’s Job Placement Department.”

Norberto Oliva
Norberto Oliva – Millennium Diagnostics – MRI Technologist
“My experience in regards to Med Academy, where I studied MRI, was more than exceptional. I believe that their program is wonderful because not only do they provide their students with a great program to prepare students for the board exam but also with key knowledge to work in the field. Moreover, they help their students find jobs following graduation. As of now, I am currently working as an MRI technologist at Millennium Diagnostics, and truthfully I wouldn’t be nearly as successful in my job as I am now if it wasn’t for the knowledge that I acquired as a student in Med Academy. For me, Med Academy was a major key in my development and success as an MRI technician.”

Isachi Rodriguez
Isachi Rodriguez – The Medical City – X-ray/MRI Technologist
 “I had an unforgettable experience at the Med Academy, I acquired a life time of knowledge and experience. Class fitted my schedule and the work prepared me for the registry exam. I am currently working at The Medical City, a diagnostic center as an X-ray/MRI technologist.”

Liander Vega
Liander Vega – CT Technologist – Aventura Hospital
“Making the decision to enter the MRI/CT program at Med Academy changed my life! As I am sure it has changed the lives of others. Med Academy not only offered me the didactic preparation and Clinical experience to succeed in this field but also the confidence to become a qualify professional in this industry. Thanks to the program’s director Juan Revuelta, I feel realized as a Diagnostic Imaging Professional. I graduated from Med Academy in 2015 and today I am working as an CT technologist at Aventura Hospital.”

Hidavis Duran
Higdavis Duran – MRI Technologist – Millennium Diagnostics
 “I was a student at Med Academy from 2013 to 2014. I have always been grateful to the academy for giving me the opportunity to become a professional in this branch of medicine. The didactic classes and clinical experience were excellent and taught me everything I needed to know to succeed on this field. Today I am working in a diagnostic center as an MRI technologist. Thanks to Med Academy wonderful instructors and supportive staff that helped me and many others to accomplish my goals.”

Lester Gutierrez
Lester Gutierrez – MRI Technologist – Jackson Memorial Hospital
 “I enrolled at Med Academy in 2006, my experience at the school was excellent. I selected the MRI program, the classes were very detailed and easy to understand. Med Academy staff was very supportive during and after my program completion. My clinical experience was completed in a diagnostic center were the technologies were very knowledgeable and I reserve one to one training. Once completed the program and obtained my MRI certification, the job placement program help me to be hired as a MRI Technologist at Jackson Memorial Hospital one of the most prestigious and recognized hospitals in our community. I really recommend Med Academy and their programs if you want to advance and succeed in your careers.”

Luis Rodriguez 2
Luis Rodriguez – MRI Technologist – Baptist Health System
 “While attending Jackson Memorial School of Radiology, I asked the director of the program is she knew of any good schools where I could gain MRI/CT certification. She recommend Med Academy as an excellent place to continue my education. Making the decision to enter this program changed my life! As I am sure it has changed the lives of others. I am forever grateful. Not only of the super didactic experience but the helping hand and diligence to succeed by the program’s director Juan Revuelta. This program meticulously prepares one for the board examinations in such a way that confidence is the only feeling going into the test and mixed emotions of achievement is what one walks out with! I graduated from Med Academy in 2014 and today I am working as an MRI technologist at Baptist Health System.”

yovany marquez
Yovany Marquez – Angel Diagnostic Group – MRI Technologist
 “I selected Med Academy because it enabled me to advance my education. I found the curriculum and delivery method to be exceptionally effective. The faculty is committed to teaching in a caring and effective matter. After going 6 -12 months to school, I did a clinical training and it completely turned the program around, I felt comfortable in doing what I really like. I love taking classes at Med Academy, the type of training received was extremely good, a great way to help different patients. The board foundation was outstandingly decent. I graduated from Med Academy in September 2014. Med Academy also assist me in work search. I am currently working as an MRI technologist at Angel Diagnostic Group.”