Associate of Science in MRI Technology

Med Academy


Our MRI Technology Program prepares students who wish to pursue entry-level positions as MRI Technologists in hospitals, diagnostic centers, private physician practices, and clinical. 

Our curriculum provides comprehensive, real-life training that is essential to be successful in diagnostic imaging.  We are proud to say that:

  • Those graduates of the program who hold associate degrees are eligible to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification examination in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • We have partnerships with leading acute care facilities and diagnostic centers throughout our community that provide an excellent clinical training experience
  • Our didactic and clinical instructors have years of experience technologists and educators specifically in the field of radiology


The Associate of Science in MRI Technology Program offered by Med Academy is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education (CIE), Accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE), and recognized by The American Registry of Radiology Technologist (ARRT).


  • Associate of Science
  • 24 Months Program Duration
  • 105 Credit Hours
  • Hybrid Delivery Method
  • Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. 


  • Completion: 94%
  • Placement: 86%
  • Licensure: 92%



Class Number Class Title Credit Hours
GC101 Psychology 3
GC102 College Algebra 3
GC103 English Composition 3
GC104 General Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology I 8
GC105 General Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology II 8
HC101 Medical Terminology 4
HC102 Patient Care (Including 4 Hours HIV/AIDS) 4
HC103 Medical Ethics, Law, & Cultural Diversities 3
MR101 MR Fundamentals 4
MR102 MR Image Formation 4
MR103 Parameters and Options 4
MR104 MR Procedures I 6
MR105 MR Procedures II 6
MR201 Introduction to Imaging Science 3
MR202 Digital Radiography and PACS 3
MR203 MR Safety 3
MR204 MR Clinical Externship I 3
MR205 MR Advanced Techniques 3
MR206 MR Clinical Externship II 3
MR207 MR Clinical Applications I 6
MR208 MR Clinical Externship III 6
MR209 MR Clinical Applications II 6
MR210 MR Clinical Externship IV 6
MR211 MR Registry Review 3
Total 105

The tuition for MRI technology program is based in a rate of $340.00 per credit. 


Cost per Credit  105 Credit Hours
$340.00  $35,700.00 


Course Features

  • Classes 18
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 105 hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes