Media Services/Library

shutterstock_170760092The library is equipped with personal computers with Internet access, and applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, for students to do independent study and research topics related to their classes.

All computers are loaded with several MRI research documents. These documents include:

  • The Basics of MRI
  • MRI Safety
  • Introduction to Pulse Sequences
  • Adventures in Contrast Media
  • Patient Care
  • Anatomy & Physiology

In addition, the computers have links to several MRI and Sectional Anatomy sites for the students to research and study. The computers are connected to a printer in case they students need to print any school related material.

The library has a variety of hard copy books, journals, CD, and publications related to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). All these material are accessible upon student request at the administration office.